Choosing to Cope

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Poem

You don’t always choose to hurt, but you can choose how you cope with the hurt.

You can’t always choose whether or not you feel the pain, but you can choose how you nurse the pain.

They say you’ll bend, but you won’t break. No you’ll bend, and you’ll break. Your security will splinter off into uneven levels and your faith will be tested by that territory.

Who decided that we always have a choice? Who decided that we could just magically resist the pressure to keep our bones from splintering.

Yes, you will bend, and you will break, but you can mend.

Who decided that you’re weak if you feel the hurt? When you bang your toe on a table no one says stop hurting as you yell. Hurt is hurt, and pain is pain. When we break a bone we break a bone. We don’t say “you didn’t break it.” No, you broke it. 

Who said that tears weaken your strong points and melt your hardened clay? What if they wash the pain away?

Why does society tell people to just push past hurt and not let it seep in?

Where did the idea that we should just move on come from?

What about the thought that we aren’t supposed to let the hard stuff bother us, and if we do we’re weak.

They say that if we cry we aren’t moving on, and if we don’t move on we won’t succeed.

Who decided that hard work is the golden ticket to success because hard work helps, but it doesn’t promise anything.

Stop telling people that if they grieve the pain they’re  letting it win.

It’s not about if you decide to feel the pain it’s about what you do with the pain.

It’s about how you treat it and tend to it.

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